Is there a country that has always intrigued you?
Is there an area of the world that has always attracted you?
Do you really want to get to know them?
Do you want to travel with other people who have the same passion as you?
Talk to local people, find out how they live, what they eat, how they enjoy themselves, what they believe in?

Each trip takes a couple of weeks.
But if you want to stay longer without spending a fortune, we are in contact with host families, au-pair networks, social/ecological/educational volunteering organisations to make you stay, to immerse yourself even more in the environment, to improve your language, to take a gap year or simply a long break from the daily grind, to have experiences you won't forget.

Departures from major hub airports around the world, arrivals... everywhere!

travel74 is a community of experienced travellers, based in Italy.

meet-the-world is an international project born in travel74 and part of the Wide Academy training programme, which offers young people the opportunity to get to know the world, with an international group, to discover different realities and cultures, with the possibility of staying on site to volunteer in various fields thanks to a network of partners: enter homes, try out lifestyles, get to know new worlds up close

Try our meet-the-world: international travel truly in touch with reality!

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Discover Europe's history,
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